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The company has established in 2007 and is located in Turku. We offer services for technical industry, sell and produce maintenance services. You can also rent a variety of different machines from us.


Many different phases has gone by before we became Konepalvelu Osa in 2011.

Our company`s main concentration is on welding industry and maintenance services.


Konepalvelu Osa Oy , Oriketo, Turku, Ruunikkokatu 12.


Our other office


We-Service Oy, located in Vantaa, Bölenraitti 12.


Our primary value is customer service.


High quality products, customer based, fast and good service as well as short delivery time are our companys mainlines.


What comes to high quality, environment and occupational safety, we follow our operating systems standards. The quality of work and monitoring it (ISO9001) creates even better conditions for Partner-contracts needs. Taking care of environmental needs (ISO14001) in every part of operation is mandatory.


We are Kemppi`s authorized retailer and service department.

Your reliable partner of any welding and tool related matters.


Konepalvelu Osa

Call center/Sales/Maintenance

+35840 868 0500



Direct Contacts:



Sales Turku

+35840 868 0503 hannu@osa.fi
+35840 868 0505 sami@osa.fi
+35840 868 0501 jari@osa.fi


Maintenance Turku

+35840 868 0505 sami@osa.fi
+35840 868 0502 huolto@osa.fi



Konepalvelu Osa


+35840 868 0500 paivi@osa.fi



Shipyard customers

+35840 868 0508 info@osa.fi




Maintenance Vantaa

+35840 868 0510 myynti@wese.fi
+358400 733677 pasi@wese.fi





+35840 868 0501 jari@osa.fi